Trish Metzner

2018 Commercial Design Winner: Creative Tile in Public Spaces

The Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the design and installation of tile and stone in both residential and commercial projects.

An esteemed panel of notable editors and leading designers evaluated submissions based on execution, original usage, and overall design and purpose, and gave special recognition to those projects exemplifying spectacular tile and stone applications. Congratulations to Trish Metzner and the 2018 CID Award Winners!

Breaking Boundaries

Trish Metzner is a Tile Artist and Arts Program Developer from Philadelphia, PA. She creates all types of mosaic art from backsplashes to murals. After years working with arts organizations such as Philadelphia's Magic Gardens and The Village of Arts and Humanities, she developed personal methods informed by the legacy of past pioneers in the fields of mosaic, public art and community art. Her work posits the artist as a bridgebuilder and catalyst for community improvment. Her entrepreneurial vision for community development and her leadership style is informed by what she describes as filling in the gaps where society falls short on quality of life issues. Trish explains, "My work is rooted in the larger concept of creative placemaking. When you don't find what you're looking for, you must consider fashioning it for yourself. I teach mosaic because I want to share a method to access a deeper awareness of the interconnectivity of all things, that includes our power to shape the places we live. Place-making as a collaborative process is a powerful transformative tool because it empowers individuals with the skills  and support they need to be agents of change. This leads to a ripple effect in terms of how we view our own self worth and value within society at large."  

Trish recently directed a three year mural project in rural Mexico, "The Great Wall of Zacatlan," where she taught mosaic to local volunteers and designed a multi-year plan of action for developing creative industry in the small agricultural town.  From 2014-17 her apprentices became a highly skilled team who are not only all now working in the arts, but have formed an artist collective to continue the vision.  

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The project grew to 900ft in length, but the impact has been far greater on the community.  The murals and euntrapraneurial plan indeed ignited an arts economy in the small town which is becoming an internationally recognized tourist destination. Since the first tile was set in 2014,  the town has seen a 500% increase in tourism, a steep and sudden rise in the value of real estate, the creation of countless jobs, and national interest in the town as a model for economic growth.

Trish has a mosaic studio in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia where she is establishing a Maker's Club, a community based arts and education hub with weekly cultural events.  She is currently working on a series of bi-lingual children's books.

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Philadelphia muralist, Trish Metzner, spent nearly three years in Mexico teaching a team of volunteer apprentices her mosaic techniques. She and her team of fourteen created  "The Great Wall of Zacatlan."

 Zacatlan de Las Manzanas, Puebla Mexico